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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Upload your Interest toward Social Networking & Hydroponics: Join the Brigade

Dear Friends,

There is an eagerness toward the unanswered questions, which leads an individual toward search and search and research. In identifying such answers, we need to suggest and answer for our quest.

Today, we need to know your quest toward two issues:

1. Social Networking sites: for expressing your quest click on the link: SNS survey

2. Hydroponics: for expressing your quest click on the link: Hydroponics survey

Just invest 5-10 minutes of time and feel proud to be the part of research two important aspects.

Importantly, If you are in corporate, circulate among friends.

If you are academician/ research scholar/ Researcher do favor and spread about these issues among your students and friends.

If you are student, know about the basics of research and spread among your friends.

Feel proud by supporting a research work.

Lot more interesting works are under pipeline which will create thrill in you regarding the result. Every time with new work we will ask for your support and will provide the research finding too on the same platform..

List of Individuals who have supported till date are:

1 s. kumar 2 Anuj Jain 3 raj kumar 4 sudhir kumar srivastava 5 Arpita Chakraborty 6 Deb 7 Karan Jindal 8 Amit Manglani 9 Manaswi 10 Dharmender 11 GAURAV KANSAL 12 Jimmy Thomas 13 ravikant swami 14 B Singh 15 hemant kumar singh 16 AMIT KUMAR 17 Dr Bhawdeep Singh 18 Anubhuti 19 Chirag Pande 20 sugandh rawal 21 jjjj 22 Hridesh Baweja 23 Jatin Joshi 24 Anandita Jain 25 Raju 26 Simran 27 B K Singh 28 Shweta Bhatt 29 Saket Chaturvedi 30 anup bang 31 Harleen 32 Nalin Bhatnagar 33 amit rai 34 ashutosh pandey 35 Priyanka Verma 36 Deepak Mandal 37 Nitin 38 Chaitanya Agrawal 39 Anand 40 nimish kumar singh 41 sonik gupta 42 Rajat Mohta 43 Babru Bahan Singh 44 Sanjay Purohit

Do favor and Enjoy.....

Thanks and regards,
Manvendra Pratap Singh, Shamaile Nabi
Assistant Professor

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Confidence Rejuvenation

Today Its very dishearten for me; three friends (very close friends) three marriages; 2 in luck now and 1 in Delhi but unlucky and unable to attend any of them. First two because of office interruption wont get leave and 3rd in Delhi because of personal problem and medical check up.

Above all, my objective of writing this blog is to mention that zeal and speak up the truth play a vital role in any of decision and personality making. Moreover every
successful individual/family is very social in nature and they never missed out such opportunity at any cost. Its not because of eagerness for party no! its about relationship.

I am considering the marriage issue because in marriages earlier we made lot of commitments with our friends that we will be there at any cost etc but when the time comes we try to skip of the situation. Try to avoid such circumstance by switching off the mobile or by giving some lame excuses. Similarly, in business scenario, sales people normally used to do the same when they sort of their targets or points. They give various excuses to their bosses to come out of the issue for that point of time.

Suppose once we get and opportunity to hide from the p
roblem then we always try the same till the time we spoil our image , growth prospect and goodwill in office. If we make it as practice its promise that we will be always ready with excuses.
Do we ever feel sorry for our conduct, if yes it means somewhere we did wrong because of that our persona start changing and we start loosing confidence and zeal in us to face the tough situations but after effect of this phenomena is very huge and really make u sorry submissive and back foot individual that u can’t be able to express yourself in any of the conditions.

Its my personal experience that never hide anything if you are unable to attend the marriage better you talk to your friend explain him your problem, and say sorry. Similarly in business scenario, try this you won’t be dishearten and won’t b
e embarrass in any of the situation throughout the life. It will give you new inspiration, motivation, zeal to do the new things. Similarly new ways to find out the best possible solution in different situations so that every thing will perfectly alright. Moreover, personality dynamics will also be changed in positive direction and give you fresh energy to do the things.
I have tried just now! You try and tell me that is it true?